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Dear beloved ASIS and ESSET students,

Together with you, our TIPCY Student Union would like to experience, savor and above all survive excursions through the crazy town, sights, fairytale structures and bars in this amazing city not that far from here. Therefore, this year Thursday evening, November 8 we will take you on a bus journey to Zagreb.

Zagreb is famous for its wildly ranged history, buildings, structures and not to forget, (cheap) crazy party scene! Autumn, stretching from early September to the end of November will be the perfect time to enjoy the city altogether.

Next to our sightseeing tour we will take you to Zagreb’s best nightlife spots during our terrifying pub crawl. Like always, there will be more than enough time to also discover the city on your own or with your craziest friends. To ensure we will optimize the little hours sleep, we will be staying in a very central and exceptionally comfortable hostel where you will have all the sleep or fun you've hoped for.

Please note that unfortunately there are limited places available and tickets will be sold as of the 26th of September. Last year was SOLD OUT fast!

For any questions regarding the trip you could drop a comment below or send us a direct message through Facebook.

Yours truly,

Student Union TIPCY